About Us

National Association of Diabetes Educator Pakistan is an Association of diabetes educators, Dietitians, other health care professionals and those who have keen interest towards diabetes care. The aim of NADEP is to provide, facilitate and promote education for the prevention and management of diabetes and related disorders. Diabetes education has only recently been acknowledged as a key component of diabetes management, although diabetes education predates the discovery of insulin in 1921. After years of experience and evidence-based research, there is growing acknowledgment that diabetes education is more than simply teaching patients with diabetes what to and what not to do in daily life. Diabetes educators in developed countries like Pakistan began to undertake key aspects of insulin dose adjustment, dietary modification and screening for complications, setting the scene for the roles of the advanced practice nurse and nurse practitioner. Other healthcare providers, such as dietitians, podiatrists, psychologists, and pharmacists, began to specialize in diabetes education. Health care practitioners have a broad role that encompasses individual health education and includes prescribing medictions, referring people to medical specialists, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests and to be taken preventive steps towards upcoming complications related to diabetes. Diabetes education focuses on empowerment of people with diabetes. They should learn to meet the challenges of living with diabetes and become self-caring problem-solvers to get better health outcomes and quality of life. Over the years of study and research, the importance of the role of the family and social support in diabetes management has emerged. that‘s why National Association of Diabetes Educators Pakistan is not only the association of Health care professional but also association of careers too.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to equip Allied health care providers with evidence-based knowledge and skills as well as empower people with diabetes with optimal well-being and promote primary prevention.

Vision Statement

A nation where people with Diabetes have a place to belong and the right to live!.

  • To promote standardization, development, and delivery of structured diabetes educational programs.
  • To set up national and international collaboration for educational activities in Pakistan.
  • To organize meetings, workshops, and conferences in diabetes education and related disciplines.